Directors' Workshop Handouts

(in order by class)

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Directors Start Your Engines!

Director's Self-Appraisal

Warm-Ups from Book

Vocal Constructions That Work

Warm-Ups with Resources *

* This includes Mo Mo Mo, Freeing the Voice, Vocal Wam-Ups for Directors, Raise Your Scores, Warmups & Rounds, Junk Food Song, Vocal Exercises by Lila Mori, Vocal Exercises from many sources - Humming the Blues, Vocal Exercises for Phonation/Resonation, Resources


Choosing The Right Vehicle for the Race

What Makes A Good Arrangement

Characteristics of Strong Competition Music

Choosing Contest Music

Difficulty Factors

Music Selection Made Easy by Jan Meyer

Checklist for Music Selection

Choosing Competition Music Principles

"One Song At A Time" (download music from Members Only section - member account needed to access)


Polishing Performance to a High Luster

Look Good Sing Better

Power In A Package

MC Dos & Don'ts


Leveling the Race Track

Performance Level Guidelines & Characteristics & Coaches (1 document)


On the Practice Oval

Creating Unforgettable Rehearsals

Ten Important Aspects of Directing Style


Earning Your Learner's Permit

Earning Your Learner's Permit *

* This includes Mini-Chorus Tag, Learning New Music, Progressing on a Song, Twelve Steps to Learning Music, Steps in Preparing a Song for Performance in the Barbershop Style


Feeding the Pit Crew

Personality Overview

The Fred Factor

Individual Goal Plan



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